• Oaxaca, served
  • A hand squeezing lemon juice on a dish


Meet Fino Rodriguez

CEO & Executive Chef of Taquero
Fino is originally from Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He came to the United States with the sole purpose of creating a legacy of his own. Like many, his journey in this country and food industry has not been easy. He worked as a street food vendor before landing a job as a dishwasher, and subsequently, worked his way up until becoming the executive chef of many important restaurants. The talent inherited from his grandmother and father has been the key factor in navigating the food/restaurant industry. His father is a well-known taquero in the city of Matehuala, and that is where the name of "Taquero" comes from. Learn more about Fino at Taquero.

Meet Victor E. Rico, also known `Lalo`.

He is one of the masterminds behind Taquero and has been Chef Fino's business partner since the very beginning. He is originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, and loves Mexico as much as he loves Texas. Everything he knows about the restaurant industry is thanks to Chef Fino. "It's incredible all the amazing people you can meet at a restaurant. I love catching up with my regulars and meeting new and amazing people. There are customers who I consider friends and even family. All of them have a story to tell and I'm just extremely grateful to be part of their lives through Taquero."
Catch him at the bar on most weekends when he's present at Taquero.